160 (5'3") G-Cup Misato Brunette Model 5 - Gynoid Tech

This playful asian brunette highly realistic silicone sex doll Misato is ready to jump on you and give you the best orgasm ever. Own this masterpiece and invest in a sex doll like no other. Gynoid Tech dolls are (Artificial Human Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd) are some of the most realistic silicone sex dolls on the market today, and offer a number of unique innovations and features. These high-end dolls feature: Detachable arms for easy storage Individually articulating finger joints Standing doll without visible foot bolts Enhanced detailing and textured skin for the most realistic appearance Premium lightweight alloy and polymer skeletal frame for durability Please use the tabs to browse through product options, then select your options using the buttons and drop-down menus.

Physical Description

Height Weight Breast Cup
5'3" 62 lbs G
Bust Waist Hip
33" 24" 35"
Shoe Size Anal Depth Vaginal Depth
5.5 Ladies N/A N/A
Shipping Option