July 24, 2020

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The ‘new normal’ due to the COVID-19 pandemic forced everyone to minimize travel and close contact with others, which highly affected many relationships. Couples living apart or singles looking for intimate interactions with others are experiencing isolation due to the current pandemic.

For this reason, many look for alternatives to relieve the cravings of sexual gratification. Hence, many have resorted to the use of sex toys and sex dolls.

Easing the Quarantine Life Alone With Toys and Dolls

For many couples, especially those living apart challenged by the current pandemic regulations, the availability of sex toys and sex dollshelps them relieve the intimacy they are missing out. Sex toys and dolls can be great alternatives for sexual satisfaction, not just for couples but also for uncommitted individuals craving intimacy.

Being stuck alone in quarantine can lead to isolation, loneliness, or suffering from plain boredom. Not doing the usual daily activities, such as going to the office, commuting, and running the 8 to 5 work could open up many difficult gaps in an individual’s life.

This sudden change in daily activities can mess up one’s daily routine. Sleeping late, waking up grumpy, and spending the whole afternoon not doing anything can be frustrating for many. Hence, tons of individuals sought the help of sex toys and dolls to engage in sexual activities.

Benefits of Using Sex Toys and Sex Dolls

There are many talks circulating that sex toys and sex dolls are not just objects of sexual satisfaction. Many people claim that they are great tools to improve whole-body wellness— with facts supporting it.

Here are the few benefits you can gain from using sex toys and sex dolls, especially during this quarantine season.


Improves sleep quality

It can be difficult to sleep at your regular time, especially if you haven't done any difficult and tiring tasks during the day. Your regular daily activity, which includes going to work, is disrupted, and looking for other ways to pass the time is a bit difficult.

Turning yourself to the use of different sex toys can aid you with that problem. Using a bullet vibrator is a good and natural remedy for sleep troubles. It is an excellent oral sex stimulator that you can use before bedtime.

With sex toys, you can reach a dramatic orgasm before bed. Many experts say that reaching orgasm before going to sleep reduces stress. It decreases the production level of cortisol (stress-inducer hormone) and increases oxytocin level (the feel-good hormone), which reduces the time to fall asleep.


Sex dolls can be a great company

It is very easy to dwell on loneliness, especially if you are the type of person who loves going out and socializing. Moreover, if you have a very active sex life, being stuck in quarantine can be frustrating. But don't fret. Sex dolls are here and can offer great company.

Sex dolls are now made to feel like real women. Through technological advancements, they are built with a more realistic finish, proportionate body sizes, and life-like. Sex dolls are primarily designed to fill the sexual cravings of men, but as time changes, it can now offer a wide range of benefits for both men and women who want to explore their sexuality.

Sex dolls, sometimes called love dolls, are considered as good as human partners. It’s also very handy during this quarantine period. Nowadays, sex dolls go beyond just a sex object. They are becoming great companions during these tough times.


Breaking the silence of long-distance relationships

Why dwell so much into being alone away from each other when you can enjoy sex while stuck in quarantine? There's a ton of app-enabled sex toys available in the market, allowing your partner to control the item even if you're miles away.

The most recommended sex toys for these couples are We-Vibe Moxie and Vibease Vibrator. Both of these sex toys are app-enabled that can offer extra stimulation and fun. For a more exciting experience, let your partner control the item while you’re calling each other. Enjoy a whole new level of sexy times during this quarantine, and you'll discover more intimate ways to get aroused and satisfied.


Discover other sexual desires

Being stuck during quarantine gives you a lot of time to discover new ways of what you want to achieve for your sex life. Sex toys and sex dolls can help you with that.

If you are single, you can try on different stimulators to reach mind-blowing orgasms alone. If you are in a relationship, you can invite your partner to try new devices to help you both come off.

Buying a sex doll is an excellent option too. If you are a single male, tired of giving yourself a hand, a love doll can help you. With a sex doll, you’ll get to experience a different way to come off— not to mention, sex dolls are now too good to look at for immersion.

Rise of the Market Growth of these Commodities

It is not surprising that there will be an increase in market growth for sex toys and sex dolls. The time is calling for it, and the demand is increasing every day. Many sex doll manufacturers are hiring more workers to meet the demands of the consumer.

Moreover, it is not just the sex toys industry getting an increase in sales, but also dating and porn sites, which are getting extra special attention during these times. The incorporation of these industries gives a solution and sexual relief.

Whether they are single looking for sexual satisfaction or couples that are separated and crave intimacy- all of them highly benefit from these industries.

If the current situation continues, there is no surprise that there will be a speedup of the normalcy of using sex toys and sex dolls in a community. The possibility of ending the stigma surrounding these kinds of products is incredibly high.


The idea of isolation and being separated from people is frustrating for some, especially those looking for a fun time. So, many turn into using sex toys and sex dolls. Thankfully, these items are readily available, offering significant benefits in relieving intimate cravings. Even more so, these items are an excellent alternative for someone looking for a companion during these challenging times.



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Belinda is a 42-year-old married mother of three who lives in Naples, Florida. While staying at home to raise her children, she began to write articles and blogs for various outlets. She was raised in a strict, Christian home, but has since found more peace with a more spiritual approach to life and health. A strong believer in natural and alternative medicine, energy healing, and total wellness, she stumbled on the health benefits of the female orgasm quite by accident. Since then, she has often written pieces that help inform others about the benefits she discovered. Belinda also enjoys taking care of her home and family, and often jokes that she is a bit of a Stepford wife… with a wild side. In her free time, she loves to spend time at the beach with her family, host parties and BBQ’s, and work outside in one of her many flower gardens.