About Sex Doll America

Who is Sex Doll America?

We are a US corporation and have our own warehousing in New York. We are the sister company of Sex Doll Canada, located in Toronto, Canada, established in 2017. Sex Doll America was created for one reason and one reason only - to better serve our American customers!

Sex Doll America offers:

  • Dedicated, full-time customer service and management staff
  • Payment in US Dollars
  • Domestic shipping (UPS Ground) anywhere in the USA for products purchased from our In-Stock collection

While we share our full-time customer service and management expertise with Sex Doll Canada, our In-Stock inventory is separate, dedicated to our US customers and is located in Western New York.

We are a customer-focused business who plans to change the world for the better, one doll at a time! We operate with "Sex Doll America" and "SD America" as legal, registered trade name for our corporation in the US.


The most trusted source for Sex Dolls in America

When most customers passing through our website see our prices, the first question we get is "Are you guys legit?". Yes we are!Write to us with any questions about our US corporation, our company's EIN number and more! We also exclusively works with the best and most trusted manufacturers of sex dolls and will only provide our customers with 100% genuine products.

How will you keep my information private / discreet?

Our e-commerce platform processes all credit card transactions 100% securely and discreetly, with state-of-the-art encryption. This platform is used by over 500,000 businesses in over 175 countries! The business name on your credit card will show up as:

Business Name on Credit Card:  "SP * SDAMERICA"

When you call our phones, we are also very discreet! We answer as "SD Canada" or "SD America", and our voice mail announces as "SD Canada" or "SD America" - so if somebody hits redial on your phone, they will have no idea you're shopping for sex dolls!

We will never call you back if we missed your call (unless you leave a voice message asking for a call back), and even text / SMS messages will come from "SD Canada" or "SD America".


Here are some of the reasons why buying from Sex Doll America is an easy decision:

We pride ourselves on offering our customers fair pricing, an easy and totally-secure purchasing experience, and most of all unsurpassed customer service. If you reach out to us by phone, e-mail or through our website, you'll find us approachable, easy to work with and communicate with, and if for some reason there is an issue, we always do our best to "make it right" with our customer.


Why Should I Buy from Sex Doll America?

We believe we have the absolute best customer service available anywhere, at any price, and are still able to offer the most competitive pricing in America! Why buy from an offshore company, or someone operating a questionable enterprise, when you can get the same or better price sourced right in America?

Of course, everyone deciding to buy a doll needs to first find the right doll for them. If you are a first-time doll buyer, please reach out and ask lots of questions and make sure you read our FAQ! Our customer service team will be happy to help you at every step throughout this process. You should also spend time researching your purchase on The Doll Forum, which is an invaluable resource for newbies and pros alike.

Remember - sex dolls are our business, and we've heard every question before, so don't be shy! Buy if you are and don't feel like making a phone call, feel free to write to us instead!