November 05, 2020

A Unique Experience for Lexi’s Fans

From MILF to Sexy Teacher, the roles that Lexi Luna plays always stir the imagination of fans worldwide.
She is a top-ranked porn star, one of the most viewed profiles on PornHub and owner of a sculpted and sexy shape.
Now, brought to the worl exclusivity by Sex Doll America and Sex Doll Canada, Lexi Luna will soon become a real Sex Doll. 

Lexi Luna always messing with people's imaginary

Authentic Lexi Luna - Real Porn Star Sex Doll from Head to Toe

Lexi's body was 3D-Scanned in a top Hollywood Studio using state-of-the-art technology and then perfected digitally amd finally re-touched by hand. We used the same technology and studio that provides ultra-realistic scanning for the Movies and Gaming industry. 

Doll Designers perfected even subtle facial features to ensure true fans could expect an authentic “Lex-perience”.

Lexi Luna's body was 3D-scanned by a top Hollywood Studio

High-quality Manufacturing

Lexi Luna Sex Doll will be manufactured by WM Doll company. WM Doll is the world's largest sex doll manufacturer and is known for their best-in-class customer service and award-winning designs. In partnership with Sex Doll Canada, Sex Doll America, and Lexi Luna, they engaged in this endeavor to provide the best experience possible for the fans.

Pre-Order Available Soon

pre-order option will be available very soon. Inventory will be kept in NY and Toronto, to ensure fast shipping and short delivery time to all North American customers.

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An Unprecedented Launch by the Porn and Sex Doll Industries

 “I love to connect with my fans, in every way possible.” – says Lexi. 

She is always active on her social media accounts, interacting with followers and supporters. Now, this is an opportunity to take a big step forward. Lexi is so excited she promised to record personalized videos for the first buyers! 

Lexi Luna is pretty excited with her new and exclusive Sex Doll

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