September 13, 2023

Sponsored by Sex Doll Canada and Sex Doll America, Iraqi Film "Hanging Gardens", was Nominated for Best International Film at the Oscars


The film "Hanging Gardens," directed by Ahmed Yassin and sponsored by Sex Doll Canada and Sex Doll America, has received a prestigious nomination for the Oscar for Best International Film. This nomination is a significant achievement for Iraqi cinema, showcasing the talent within the country's film industry.


Hanging Gardens direct by Ahmed Yassin Nominated for Best International Film at the Oscars
Hanging Gardens movie poster


A Human Story With A Sex Doll


Set on the outskirts of Baghdad, the film follows orphaned brothers As'ad and Taha, who make a living by scavenging through a massive garbage dump. Ironically named after the ancient Hanging Gardens of Babylon, this dump becomes the backdrop for their story.

As'ad makes a surprising discovery one day—a discarded Sex Doll in a star-spangled bikini, a relic from the American invasion. He names her Salwah and cleans her up. To his astonishment, he realizes she can speak.

As'ad's friend Amir sees an opportunity in Salwah and suggests renting her to locals. As'ad agrees reluctantly, imposing strict rules. However, the Sex Doll goes missing, leading to unexpected challenges.


Ahmed Yassin, from his Facebook profile:
“I am extremely honored and proud after the official announcement by the Department of Cinema and Theater that our film ‘Hanging Gardens’ was chosen to represent Iraq at the Oscars. This journey was a struggle full of love, a collaboration between exceptional talents, and a testimony to the power of the art of narrative. Our film will represent the richness of Iraqi cinema, and hopefully it will resonate with the global audience.”

 Ahmed Yassin - Iraqi Film Director
Ahmed Yassin - Iraqi Film Director

Our Proud Contribution

Sex Doll Canada and Sex Doll America proudly sponsored and supported the Iraqi production, showing the world a touching, heartwarming and interesting story of the imaginative world of companion dolls.

The Oscar nomination for "Hanging Gardens" is a proud moment for Iraqi cinema and the Sex Doll industry. It represents the power of storytelling and the resilience of artists. As the film competes globally, it promotes the richness of Iraqi cinema and the relevancy of Sex Dolls globally.


We are thrilled to be part of the "Hanging Gardens" production and its incredible road to the Oscars! Who knows, we might even see you on the red carpet. ;)