IN-STOCK - TPE Cold Weld Repair Kit (Includes TPE Sample For Practice)

This TPE Cold Weld Repair kit contains:

  • TPE Cold Weld Repair Solvent, in easy applicator bottle with brush
  • TPE Sample for practice
  • Safety labeling 
  • Safety Data Sheet (SDS) 
  • Basic instructions for use 


Because this repair kit contains a harmful solvent which, if misused, could cause personal injury, property damage or even death, you SHOULD NOT purchase this product if you are unable to use it safely. This requires having:

  • Chemical-resistant gloves, to prevent skin irritation
  • Adequate ventilation, to prevent injury caused by inhalation
  • Flame / spark-free environment, to prevent accidental fire or explosion
  • A safe storage environment to prevent accidental use by minors or other persons

While safety labeling, a Safety Data Sheet (SDS), and basic instructions of use are provided with this product, SD America assumes no liability for proper or improper use or misuse of this product. You must read the acknowledgment and check the waiver to continue.