Affiliates & Wholesale

If you are a sex doll enthusiast with a strong network, a new or upcoming sex doll brothel, adult novelty shop, blogger / internet personality or a web marketing professional - you can now make money selling sex dolls without getting your hands dirty!

No business license required, no need to collect / track sales tax, importation / customs headaches, boxes to pack, or items to inspect or need to guarantee quality - we'll handle all of that for you! We also fully manage any customer related inquiries and issues.

If, however, you are a registered business and want to act as a new sales channel, please contact us for information on our Wholesale program.


How to Apply

It's easy! However, all affiliates have to first apply. Please register using the link below, and send us an e-mail indicating how you plan to market our brand and what channels you currently manage.

Affiliate Registration Link

You will hear back from us within 1-2 days letting you know if you've been accepted as an affiliate, and what program we can offer given your situation. If you aren't approved, you can always reapply in 30-days once you've built your network!

Let us know which of the following categories you fall into, and how you plan to sell / market our products.

  • Adult novelty shop
  • Sex doll enthusiast with a strong network
  • Sex doll brothel owner / marketing manager
  • Other adult entertainment (strip club, escort agency, stripper / escort)
  • Blogger / internet personality
  • Web marketing professional