Agreement of Purchase & Sale - Sex Doll America

Please print this and keep this on file, as this Agreement outlines the terms and conditions of sale, and the mutual commitments, between the Seller, operating as "Sex Doll America" also referred to as "SDA", and the Buyer, the "Customer". This is the fine print!

(1) You, the Customer, shall indemnify and hold harmless SDA and its officers, directors, agents and employees from and against any and all claims, damages, losses and expenses, including but not limited to legal fees, arising from the direct or indirect purchase, use, or misuse of any products received. All products portrayed are to be strictly regarded as novelty items and no specific end use or application of the product is implied. All items are sold "as is" without any legal warranty implied, unless otherwise explicitly stated.

(2) With every custom or in-stock sex doll purchased (excluding Pipedream Products, which products are mass produced and all manufactured identically within common manufacturing tolerances), it is SDA's responsibility to send the Customer photos of the doll before it leaves the factory (point of origin / manufacturing). Please note that some colours or particular camera angles may cause the product to look different when photographed than when viewed in person using natural lighting. We will do our best to capture anything that we feel the Customer would find important, relevant to them, and notify the Customer. It is the Customer's responsibility to verify these photos carefully and approve of the doll before it leaves the factory. The Customer has the full right to ask for additional photos before the doll is shipped and ask any questions. Change requests to your order after your order is placed will be addressed on a case-by-case basis with a desire to accommodate your request, but please realize that once your order is placed manufacturing will begin and it may not be possible to change your mind without incurring a penalty / additional fees. However, if there are any change desired, please alert us as soon as possible. Once an order ships from the factory it can't be changed without penalty. 

(3) As a general policy, due to the nature of our products, all sales are final and items will not be returned or exchanged. SDA currently has a "Friendly Return Policy" in place, which allows for management-approved returns of verifiably-unused and unopened products with a re-stocking fee. This policy does not apply to products dropshipped or sold outside Canada & USA. This policy may be altered or discontinued without notice at any time if their is general abuse / misuse of the program. If this program is cancelled, it will be clearly indicated as such on our website, and will apply to any / all products purchased from SDA in the past (previously placed existing orders), or in the future. All requests for a return or exchange will be considered by management on a case-by-case basis, and the decision on how to respond to such requests will be made solely at the discretion of SDA management with no other remedies available to the Customer, although we will always try to act fairly to the Customer. While we will make every effort to be fair to each and every customer, please note that SDA's "Friendly Return Policy" is unique in the industry and relies on both fairness on the part of our customer, and analytical techniques that SDA employs to ensure that products claimed to be unused are in fact unused. The items we sell are very intimate and purchases must be made carefully, so please purchase assuming all sales are final. Feel free to ask as many questions as you'd like, and request photos of the items before they ship.

(4) All products sold by SDA are guaranteed to be manufactured free of major and significant defects. SDA will make every effort to observe, capture, photograph and document anything that our customer may perceive as a significant defect before the doll is shipped to the Customer. For reasons beyond our control, your doll may arrive with slight imperfections as part of the manufacturing process (small visible seams, injection marks or small heightened areas of visible residual material), which is common to all TPE / silicone sex dolls on the market. Any of these small defects are also visible in our posted Professional and Factory Photos. There may also be small defects which arise during ground freight handling (e.g. eyelashes falling off, nails falling off, eyes coming out, etc) or during inspection during importation. We also will not be held responsible for handling by government officials during importation, as inspection of imported goods is at the discretion of the CBP (in USA, and other similar bodies elsewhere), and their delegates, but do take responsibility to communicate any complaints or claims where we are the Importer of Record. We do not provide any guarantees against these types of defects and assume no liability thereof; however, we will work with you by phone / e-mail to remedy these issues once your doll is received, as these issues are practically all serviced by even a first-time doll buyer.

(5) Shipments destined within the USA are shipped EXW. Our obligation ends once the product has been shipped to the Customer using our courier of choice. We do not guarantee any shipping times, and SDA is the sole party who shall determine the method of shipping from the factory through to delivery. Should the package be lost or damaged in shipment, which is a very rare occurrence, SDA will manage the claims process with the courier used in cases where we are either the shipper or receiver (this excludes dropshipped products), but will assume no liability for packages lost or damaged by the courier other than our commitment to mitigate the issue to a reasonable degree. Most couriers offer free insurance for the first $100 of the Declared Value, and can insure larger amounts with the application of a Declared Value Surcharge (i.e. shipping insurance). If you would like to purchase such insurance for any or all of your shipments, please notify us well in advance of shipping, and we will offer this with the cost passed on to you the Customer.

(6) If you have selected the "FedEx (from Factory)" option, you have fully read the details of this program currently available on our Shipping page.

(7) SDA reserves the right to cancel and refund any order at any time, without penalty or damages claimed by the Customer, and in such cases will make all attempts to notify the Customer prior to cancellation to make alternate arrangements. Such cancellations may also occur should any product not be able to be fulfilled adequately or completely, or if SDA identifies any risk to order fulfillment. SDA also reserves the right to partially fulfill orders, if SDA can't completely fulfill an order; thus, the unavailability of one item does not negate or cancel the remainder of the order.

(8) SDA assumes no responsibility or liability whatsoever for errors or omissions regarding any of the contents found on the website,, including but not limited to: doll specifications, packaging sizes, specifications of any other products, pricing errors, technical information, care & maintenance information and more.

(9) By continuing with your purchase, you acknowledge that you have fully read & accept the above terms & conditions, and are 18 years of age or older at the time of purchase - or the relevant age in your legal jurisdiction. You agree to not purchase any products from SDA on behalf of another party, or a minor.