Friendly Return Policy 

Our Friendly Return Policy has been updated recently.

While we offer one of the most flexible return policies available from any sex doll distributor anywhere in the world, it is important that you treat your purchase as a final sale  once you place an order, make a deposit or pay for your order in full.

Please do not place any order until you are sure what you want, and unless you are fully committed to keeping your order in place. If you have any doubts, or would like to see factory photos of a similar doll before purchasing, just contact us! We are happy to work with you in advance of you placing your order, as this is the best time to ask questions and figure out what doll is best for you.

While we have offered our industry-first Friendly Return Policysince 2018, to the delight of our customers, it is possible that you may be denied a refund / exchange / cancellation in certain circumstances. All sales are considered final once you place your order with us, and our Friendly Return Policy is always subject to management approval on a case-by-case basis.

For purchases under $ 100, in case of a refund, $ 5 will be deducted on e-transfer or paypal methods.
The general policy by which we currently offer refunds / exchanges / cancellations is outlined below.

Friendly Return Policy - Sex Doll Canada

Changed your mind and had to cancel once before, now ready to buy from us again?

Great! We may be able to provide you part of your re-stocking fee  paid back as either a discount code (with usage limitations), or a gift card, at the discretion of management. Just let us know what you are looking to buy, and you can be sure we will put an unbeatable deal together offering any promotions or discounts that may be active at the time, also giving consideration to the re-stocking feeyou have already paid.

This next order, however, will not be permittedany returns / exchanges / cancellations, though, and this new sale will be considered final saleonce place.

Already cancelled with us before and need to cancel again? 

Sorry, all sales are considered final if you have had a previous cancellation. No further cancellations / refunds / exchanges permitted.

Not happy with your factory photos? 

We work for our customers with the manufacturer to resolve any manufacturing issuesor deviationsfrom what you purchased. Remember, when you buy through us, we have maximum buying power with the factories directlyand can usually get issues fixed swiftly! We work hard for our 5-Star reviews, so if something isn't right make sure to let us know.

We also strongly recommend you ask us for factory photos of the doll you are planning to buy *before* you place your order, and we will find a similar doll
for you to look at, so you know exactly what to expect when you order your custom doll.

While changes made after your order is placed are not always possible, and will be made on a best-effort basis, and we mean that! We are available by phone, e-mail, and in person to work through any issues and we have dedicated, full-time staff for customer servicebecause we invest in our customers.

Can all custom doll orders be cancelled? 

The Friendly Return Policy may not apply if the demand for the item you purchased is low and we feel we may have difficulty finding another buyer and your cancellation request may be refused.

Please check with us first before placing any order to make sure the product you are looking at is eligible under our Friendly Return Policy.