We Love to Price Match!

But, we won't price match just anyone!

In fact, we are very picky. And there is good reason to be picky, as there are a lot of Scam Sites on the internet dedicated to preying on customers desperately seeking the LOWEST PRICE.

However, we will do our very best to Price Match the below named competitors (although we can't vouch for them as being genuine). The below competitors are moderated and tracked on The Doll Forum (www.dollforum.com), which should offer some comfort, and while of course we would love to win your business and know we are your best chance at getting the best value and top-quality service for a genuine product available anywhere, you can have some comfort in knowing that purchasing from any of the below named competitors will allow you to at least do Unbiased Sex Doll Research on them before purchasing. Then you can decide for yourself!

Doll Forum Approved Vendors: 
Taken from https://www.dollforum.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=210, as of May 13, 2021


1AM Sex Dolls, ADOPTE UNE DOLL, Beautiful Dolls, Booty Call Dolls, Cloud Climax, The-Doll-House, The-Doll-House New Zealand, DollHouse SanAntonio, Doll To China, Dolls Castle, JC Sexdoll Australia, Joy Love Dolls, Duke's Dolls, LoveDolls, Lovedoll UK, MOJOZ Dolls, Mon Amour Toujours, Mr Sex Dolls, MySiliconeLoveDoll, My Robot Doll, Passion Dolls, Real Love Sex Dolls, Realistic Love Doll, Sex Doll Australia, Sex Doll America, Sex Doll Canada, Sex Doll Genie, A Sex Doll Paradise, - Sexy Real Sex Dolls, - Sexy Sex Doll, SEXXDOLLS CO., Silicone Lovers, Silicone Sex World, Silicone Sexy Doll, Silicon Wives, Spartan Lover, Ultimate Fantasy Dolls, Your Doll

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In price matching, please keep in mind:

  • We have our own warehouse, staff, and are the sister-company of Sex Doll Canada
  • We take payment directly in US Dollars
  • We pay all import fees, customs & duties - not just shipping 

Based on independently commissioned research done by a market consultant, it is estimated that a minimum of 60% of sex doll websites on the internet are scam sites. That includes eBay, Amazon / Amazon.ca, Alibaba, Alibaba Express, and those who built their own beautiful looking website designed to convince others that they are a genuine vendor.

Scam Websites