166 (5'5") C-Cup Kelsey (Wm Head #370) - WM

Meet Kelsey! If you are looking for a realistic, lifelike sex doll, Kelsey has perfect womanly sized proportions and measurements from perfect breasts to an apple-shaped butt. She likes cooking delicious dishes and desires her deepest fantasies of making love with you while cooking. She can make you relax by doing any position that you fantasize about. Kelsey is a flexible lifelike doll that comes up C cup jiggly breasts and tight pussy, ass, and mouth. She will fill all your fantasies and more.

Physical Description

Height Weight Breast Cup
5'5" 72 lbs C
Bust Waist Hip
32" 21" 33"
Shoe Size Anal Depth Vaginal Depth
4.5 7" 7"
Shipping Option