167 (5'6") D-Cup Kayla EVO - DS

Meet DS Doll Kayla! Her divine body and irresistible gaze will lock you in and melt you in the coldest nights. Can you escape this goddess? Or will you keep yourself afloat while making waves clash under the moonlight...

She is a beautiful realistic sex doll with a finely sculpted, highly detailed body. Part of the DS Doll Evo series, this doll features S-Class Waxworks level makeup for stunning realism and surface texture. Make up is applied over the entire body, not just the face! Doll Sweet Evo dolls also introduce a new special skin tone that better mimics natural skin.

Physical Description

Height Weight Breast Cup
5'6" 64 lbs D
Bust Waist Hip
33" 23" 37"
Shoe Size Anal Depth Vaginal Depth
5.5 3" 6"
Shipping Option