IN-STOCK - 150 (4'11") Akira D-Cup - Piper Doll


Details specific to this doll:

  • Standing Feet (included in price)
  • EVO Enhanced Skeleton (included in price)
  • Nails Like Photo
  • Normal lips
  • Fixed Vagina
  • Breasts Hollow

Meet big-breasted Akira, a natural Japanese sweetheart with the finest gentle curves and face overflowing with cuteness. She's an angel in public with her naturally fine looks ... but as soon as she steps in your room she transforms into your feral sex kitten! Lay her on her side with her pussy on display ... grab her legs and take her rough from behind. Her hot wet tight doll pussy is ready for a slay, any time, anywhere. Kneel her down for some wild deep-throat action. Pinch her nose and shove your balls in her mouth - soon she'll love to gobble your balls right up! *Option "Default / Like Photo" refers to the first photo*

Physical Description

Height Weight Breast Cup
4'11" 71 lbs D
Bust Waist Hip
32" 20" 34"
Shoe Size Anal Depth Vaginal Depth
13 Y 5.9" 6.7"